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Why Mobile Apps are critical to business growth?

By June 27, 2018 No Comments

For centuries, businesses have operated mechanically, as functional parts working towards a finished outcome. What is evolving faster than ever in this day and age, is the way businesses are perceived and in turn how they operate. Technology has not only revolutionized the way we, users communicate amongst our selves but affected our interactions with business entities as well. And in quite a positive manner.

Consequently, businesses are trying to improve inward looking to meet the outward needs of customers and markets to be responsive, effective and valuable.

Smartphone applications are among the effective mediums of achieving exactly that. No business in this digital world can deny the benefits of integrated digital strategy for better market presence and penetration.

Mobile apps is ‘the’ channel to improve the digital persona of a business and to take the level of customer engagement to new echelons. Click To Tweet

Mobile apps driving user interaction

If we can highlight just three of the core push factors for businesses to adopt mobile apps as the one true medium of influencing customer engagement positively, we would rest our argument with; reach, interaction and impact!

  • Reach: The main reason a business invests on a white label, branded application and justify the cost to benefit ratio is: reach! The one fact answer in favor of mobile apps is the fact: With a staggering 7.8 billion mobile users in the world (GSMA 2017) 57% of all the mobile connections are smartphone users and the trend is positively increasing. According to GSMA research, the penetration of smartphone adoption would surpass the 80% mark sooner than later.

  • Interaction: Mobile users are increasingly spending their time on apps over their phones, giving a unique opportunity to businesses to build connections on this channel. And while mobile web browsing is increasing, mobile applications are way ahead in the game.
Apps account for more than 80% of the total time spent on mobile devices, surpassing the time spent on web browsing over mobile phone. Click To Tweet

A global comparison on leading countries with mobile app usage trends by comScore global mobile report 2018 shows a staggering difference of time spent on apps in relation to web browsers on phone.

80% time spent on mobile apps
  • Impact: In the era of mobile technology, businesses would lag behind in impact oriented interactions or in core business terms, ‘conversions’, if they fail to adopt the mobile app penetration. The paradigm shift towards personalised content consumption has taken place, and the demand for high-end interactions with businesses over mobile apps is becoming critically important for businesses. See more on customer interaction in our writings on ‘customer engagement’.

Mobile apps trend rising

But while we share the trends of user adoption and mobile app consumption, the most interesting of all is the fact that businesses can influence the user experience with mobile apps in the most effective manner when compared with any other channel. A branded app is the direct medium of ownership of a business and can truly make or break a user’s bond with a business.