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One of the critical success factors for modern telecom operators is the ability to maximize short term revenue while taking into account longer-term strategic objectives. Optimizing digital voucher distribution is a continuous strategic challenge for telecom operators.

Telecom operators must have a strong and robust strategy for how to ensure that the electronic voucher distribution channel will be successful. They also need to be able to show a strong value proposition across the distribution chain and balance conflicting priorities to ensure both long term and short term revenue is maximized.

In an increasingly saturated market, producing competitive product offerings is progressively becoming more difficult. As a result, having an effective go to market strategy has become an important success factor.

As the mobile industry continues to mature, how can we remain competitive in the digital voucher distribution space?

We have put together a comprehensive guide to help telecom operators better understand the critical success factors and define what functionalities digital distribution solutions need to provide. To understand this, we have based the report on the situation faced by a modern distributor within a mature telecom market.

The seven challenges that electronic voucher distributors have to master

In the guide, we go through the following challenges that the electronic voucher distributor has to master.

  • Optimizing stock
  • Effective campaign management
  • Complete offerings to cover different market needs
  • Optimized POS solutions for different types of resellers
  • Efficient customer support for resellers
  • Building strong relationships with telecom operators
  • Assist telecom operators to market offerings to resellers
Digital voucher distribution

The guide will also present as to what you should expect from a modern solution and vendors for electronic voucher distribution.

Some of the critical areas are:

  • Stock optimization
  • Customer support
  • Campaign management
  • Implementation and support

You can download the report here.

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