Intelligent topup, electronic recharge distribution and dealer management with ERS 360

Incentivize, empower, and manage your entire distribution chain as you grow your prepaid portfolio and scale your business.

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Is ERS right for you?

  • You have a growing portfolio of digital products – airtime, data bundles, VAS, redeemable vouchers, and more – and you want to motivate dealers to sell more
  • In doing this, you’re experiencing high capital expenses and operating costs, low stability during traffic fluctuations, and poor transaction-level visibility
  • You’re looking for a dynamic recharge and dealer management platform that powers your entire sales and distribution needs electronically

With SDS’ help, we managed to achieve 99% of electronic recharge transactions without any failure, and are happy to share that ERS 360 is the main revenue channel for MTN Yemen. Their robust products allowed us to expand our services and handle third-party integrations with banks and exchange companies without delays.

Mr Ayham MoussaCTIO at MTN Congo Brazzaville

How ERS helps you grow your business

Build distributor and POS hierarchies with dynamic redefinition

Scale and grow your distribution network with multi-directional hierarchies that can be managed from onboarding to commissions

Ease accessibility over multiple channels by eliminating scratch cards

Digitize access points for an enhanced and unified user experience across the board and ensure availability of any value recharge to end subscribers

Boost revenue generation with certainty

Benefit from advanced features like Campaign Management, CVM in the Channel, BYOB, and more to continually achieve sales growth

Make your POS a one-stop-shop for third-party products

Connect seamlessly with all major BSS systems, charging systems (prepaid/OCS), mobile money systems & payment gateways to enable integrations for service enablement over multiple channels

Make smart, data-informed decisions

Use precise data-driven insights on supply chain operations to make decisions that directly improve your bottom line

Customer Spotlight

How MTN Sudan fuels revenue growth with ERS


Amidst the political unrest and widespread protests causing nationwide lockdowns within Sudan, telecom companies were being forced to report revenue under hyperinflationary standards. The unrest curbed the distribution of telecom services with was a major impediment to growth for MTN Sudan


MTN Sudan leveraged the full potential of ERS 360° for eTopup and used it as the primary channel of subscriber mobile recharge by curtailing the distribution of scratch cards in light of the nationwide shutdown and political unrest. This helped them boost efficiency amidst soaring inflation, as they curbed the cost of generating, printing and distributing scratch cards by going digital. 



Year-on-Year growth for total transactions


Year-on-Year growth for Sales


Addition of 44,000 more active resellers in Jan 2022 than the previous year

Key Differentiators


Get ultimate customizability and OPEX reduction with our modular and cloud-native architecture that only lets you pay for what you want

Automated Cataloging

Dramatically reduce time to market and the need for manpower with digital product catalogues that are always up to date


Support high volume transactions with nearly 100% system uptime to consistently satisfy customers and empower retail agents


Build your competitive edge and turn your unstructured data into a gold mine of insights by integrating with our advanced analytics platform


Bring all your critical retail and distribution operations into a single platform that transfers digital value anywhere, anytime

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