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Given that the telecom industry capitalizes on the exchange of data and information, telcos have a wealth of data at their disposal that can be used.  With the right business intelligence platforms and solutions, telecom operators can build momentum and stay ahead in the competitive market. As the telecom landscape is constantly evolving, the need for data driven solutions has become more predominant for telecoms to understand customer needs and become agile. Thus, the effective management of the digital value distribution for telecoms necessitates technical capabilities entailing business intelligence, strong alignment between business and supply chain strategy, and application of advanced analytics.

Business intelligence solutions

Key values of business intelligence solutions for telecom operators

Gain insights into agents’ activities in the distribution chain

The interactive visualizations provide telecoms visibility into their sales, resellers & transactions. Telcos can employ data analytics tools to understand unstructured data gathered from their distribution network and extract actionable insights regarding customer behavior patterns. With the help of business intelligence tools in processes, they can feed these insights back into the system to not only make informed decisions but also offer personalized service to end consumers.


Better and timely decision making with real-time data

Telcos are able to make better decisions by interacting with visualizations and having access to more detailed information and reports. Business intelligence platforms and powerful analytics allow companies to transform their real-time transaction data into valuable information and make decisions on the fly. They can slice and dice the data, learn from the behaviors of their end customers, and make better decisions much faster than before.


Improve efficiency with digitization and enhanced visibility

Data-driven and BI tools can make solutions capable of automatically tracking the performance of on-going activities so that managers can predict possible declines and take corrective measures in time. With this useful information at their disposal, companies would not only be able to make informed decisions but also enhance their sales by incentivizing resellers or agents in their distribution chain.

Business Intelligence

The lack of real-time information and localised insights into the activities of regions’ often lead to ineffective decision-making and ultimately deteriorating performances. Data analytics and business intelligence solutions facilitate visibility on point of sale and distributor’s activities so that telcos are able to keep track of performance and make decisions accordingly.

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