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The biggest mobile tech event finally happened after last year’s interval, and as promised, it was an exciting period attended by leaders of the tech world. Gadget announcements and other enthralling tech news has been rolled out in abundance from top tech companies in the areas of mobile processors, 5G and devices.

 Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2021 was kicked off on June 28 at Fira Gran Via, Barcelona in Spain and has been held till July 1st, 2021.


crowd at MWC
Mobile World Congress 2021

Mobile World Congress 2021 has been held in a hybrid setup, with about a third of the regular attendees in person in Barcelona along with an online portion.

Spain’s King Felipe V and Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez were present at the opening of the four-day event, marking the opening of one of the most awaited and massive technology conferences staged in Europe since the beginning of the novel virus. At MWC, tech companies were busy announcing and exhibiting the latest advancements and upgrades in their technology solutions and products.

The highlight of the event had been the statements and demonstrations by the tech giants who stressed upon helping entities across the globe with digitization goals and pushing their digital transformation through valuable technologies like 5G.

However, it is no hidden fact that COVID-19 pandemic has swiftly accelerated digital transformation, and companies took advantage of MWC to re-emphasize the significance of digitalization by exhibiting technologies like Virtual Assistant and Artificial Intelligence. These cutting-edge technologies can further help to streamline customer service for companies and public entities allowing enterprises to provide excellent customer support round the clock.

Tommy Eriksson - CEO of Seamless Distribution Systems AB

SDS, also largely advocated for the role of technology and connectivity via its offerings and discussions at MWC. The team held discussions with one of its key customers, MTN Group and devised future digitization roadmaps. Moreover, talks were held for future collaborations and for investing and scaling digital innovations.

MTN Group and Riaktr

 In conclusion, Mobile World Congress 2021 gives a powerful reminder  that to stay ahead in the digital race telecoms must bring synergy in their value chain distribution with customized, future ready solutions.

This should enable them to have greater visibility, control, and insights across the entire distribution network. As repeatedly mentioned by the keynote speakers, telecoms  must optimize their costs and add value at every stage of their customer journey with data-driven digital transformation platforms to provide unparalleled service and realize their growth objectives.

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