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It's always a pleasure meeting customers face-to-face and the MWC proved to be the ideal platform for it. The atmosphere was riveting and we opened up a dialogue on critical topics around growth strategy, future-ready technology and upcoming opportunities ripe for revenue optimization. We were able to showcase our revamped product portfolio to customers and prospects from across the globe which fueled our commitment to empowering customers with superior process automation and improved business operations year on year.

Mats Victorin - CEO Seamless Distribution Systems

Mobile World Congress 2022 took place from the 28th of February till the 3rd of March in Barcelona, with the halls of the enormous Fira Gran Via exhibition centre filled again with the latest and greatest in technology. Thousands of people attended the mega event to abreast themselves of the latest advancements in 5G and mobile technologies that enhance customer experiences in the ever-growing virtual world. The mood was energetic and there was plenty to get excited about in Barcelona this year.

Mobile World Congress, or MWC Barcelona 2022, is hosted by GSMA, a global organisation that endeavours to gather the mobile ecosystem to “discover, develop and deliver innovation foundational to positive business environments and societal change” every year.

 Seamless distribution systems once again joined MWC  and experienced some fantastic developments.  The Seamless team had the opportunity to meet several existing customers enabling us to further cement our relationship with them. The team also garnered a lot of attention from major operator groups in the world in light of our strengthened product portfolio that was introduced at the conference. 

MWC event coverage

Through the acquisition of Riaktr and the subsequent inclusion of three new data analytics based products to our portfolio, our product suite was enhanced greatly. Riaktr’s prowess at providing investment and POS planning solutions, tools for sales operations optimization and a data-driven approach towards problem solving has contributed towards Seamless’s ability to provide operational efficiency along with actionable insights through its product portfolio. This synergy was highly appreciated and easily grabbed the attention of our valued customers who immediately saw the strategic advantages that this would bring.  

MTN Group

The new extensive portfolio of Seamless products that enables enterprises to track, process and monetize digital value was the most popular subject in all our engagements. The team also engaged in several insightful discussions on our user-friendly solutions designed to increase the cost efficiency and effectiveness of business operations to enable easy revenue growth. 

Overall, the ideas that took center stage revolved around the benefits businesses can harvest from the nexus of Retail Value Management, advanced analytics and fintech offerings to assist in data-driven decision making across all levels in the distribution chain. 

The key takeaway from all the meetings and discussions boiled down to the notion that most MNO’s were looking for a data driven approach towards solving business problems and they saw the groundwork laid by the Seamless team in setting up a product mix that fuels innovation and digital transformation as a valuable next step to power their sales growth strategy. 

The importance of solutions such as Smart Campaigns & Commissions,  Inventory & Distribution Management as well as Smart Sales & Distribution all attracted strong interest – the latter in particular since data-driven decision making at all levels in the distribution chain was shown as a critical next step in digitising telecom retail sales. 

With such an active and fruitful exchange of ideas that took place through the conference, the Seamless team is excited to process all the insights and translate them to ideas that will empower our customers  with intelligent business processes and strengthen their ability to make data-driven  decisions. 


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