KYC and digital onboarding made easy – with Capture

Fulfil your specific data capture needs with complete regulatory compliance and improve customer experience with a digital KYC solution made for telecoms

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Is Capture right for you

  • You want to quickly onboard customers and resellers, manage their entire data lifecycle and accurately fulfil KYC requirements with OCR-based document capture for due diligence
  • The growing risks of cybercrime and data breaches in the telecom industry can be an obstacle in doing so for your business
  • You’re looking to digitize and empower your vast POS network to onboard new subscribers in a matter of minutes

How Capture helps you grow your business

Scale your reseller network with confidence

Ensure that every agent onboarded in your sales and distribution hierarchy is credible through robust data validation checks with multi-level approval controls

Grow your Point of Sale capillarity

Integrate with our advanced analytics tools to visualise capacity and performance at your retail POS. Increase revenue by either launching aggressive marketing campaigns where there is high customer penetration but low traffic or acquisition campaigns where there are high-value customers but low penetration

Develop and sustain a high-performance onboarding system

Ensure system stability with zero downtime through a platform designed to handle the high load of millions of subscribers

How Safaricom expands market reach with Capture


Safaricom was committed to onboarding resellers into their distribution and employer hierarchy, in alignment with their goal of expanding market reach and increasing market penetration. However, with their current system, they were:

  • Unable to assess the credibility of each agent 
  • Unsure whether or not the information provided to them was correct
  • Unaware if the resellers were equipped with all the necessary resources to conduct business

Solution & Impact

By deploying Capture at their points of sale, Safaricom captures specific data points to suit their onboarding and regulatory requirements with a custom and easy to use UI. By further integrating Capture with our field sales optimization tool, each onboarded reseller is vetted by the area sales manager through an on-ground survey. 

This allows managers to score and qualify profiles before they are added to the distribution hierarchy. As a result, Safaricom ensures that information is captured and segregated seamlessly and is also put through a multi-level approval system to ensure a thorough validation of the POS.

Key features

Local language support

Support to read up to 130 different languages to capture and verify personal details from documents without any constraints

Omnichannel experience

Utilise all communication channels to empower customers and resellers be it Web, Mobile Apps or USSD


Cascade collected information into your external systems to turn your data into insights


Simplify information collection with flexible template management that enables users to define mandatory and non-mandatory parameters and predefine options so you capture the right input fields with minimal rework

Holistic approach

Manage multiple forms of validation including OCR-enabled data capture, biometric and AI-powered face recognition, and identity verification through national and banking databases

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