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Digital transformation

MTN SA grows total transactions by 25% with Seamless

Seamless digitized sales and distribution for MTN to help them boost reseller performance, improve their end-to-end visibility across operations and gain better control over their distribution network

Industry & Location

Johannesburg, South Africa

During the five year period between 2015 to 2019, MTN South Africa (SA) experienced a substantial drop in their subscribers – from 31 million in 2015 to 29 million in 2019. Besides this, retailers in the distribution network of MTN SA were limited in their product offerings and were only selling prepaid vouchers to subscribers which curbed their revenue and income substantially.

The Solution

By deploying the recharge and voucher platform in tandem with dealer incentives and sales campaign management platform from within our Retail Value Management (RVM) Suite, MTN SA was quickly on track to retaining resellers and achieving sustainable growth.

  • YoY growth for total transactions improved by 25%, with 79% of the transactions being realized for digital airtime through the USSD channel provided by Seamless 
  • A remarkable increase in YoY growth for sales at about 16%
  • Owing to an increase of 20% in retailer growth, there were more than 7000 resellers in July 2022 for MTN SA

Owing to the previous platform deployed by MTN SA, not only were resellers restricted in their product offerings and distribution channels (USSD or online portal), but MTN SA also had limited visibility of their retailer network. Since they had the manual reporting feature and zero visibility of their live location, they were unable to derive meaningful insights which could later be used for greater process efficiency and for devising future strategies. They also had limited visibility into retailers’ operations, which resulted in inadequate and obscure reporting. In addition to this, the large number of transactions and heavy load on the system usually affected its ability to perform efficiently. 

With products like ERS 360° tackling electronic recharge, voucher and dealer management and Smart Commissions and Campaigns (SCC) taking care of dealer incentives and sales campaigns to benefit resellers, Seamless’ RVM Suite equipped MTN SA to streamline their processes, and gain competitive edge by enabling their resellers to sell more products and services. It’s worth mentioning that with Seamless platforms, the retention rate of resellers improved by 20% with effective incentivization and targeted promotional campaigns.

Value Delivered

The real time reporting feature and digitization of sales and distribution processes facilitated in more ways than one. It blocked revenue leakage, led to higher accountability for the agents, customised rule-based incentive campaigns and bonuses, and increased retailer loyalty for MTN SA.

The solution seamlessly integrated with MTN’s the Mobile money ecosystem to allow resellers to purchase stock from their mobile money accounts without any delays. Our products capacitated MTN SA to sell multiple products with fast time-to-market, and customize bundles with one platform without incurring high costs – none of which was possible with their legacy system. We also  improved their system performance with 100% system uptime with no lags. 

There was a remarkable increase in MTN SA’s sales due to the multitude of products that they were now selling through special offers that were tailored to the needs and usage pattern of subscribers.


improved YoY growth for total transactions


increase in YoY growth for sales


increase in resellers in July 2022


unique POS selling data-bundles

About MTN South Africa

MTN South Africa, part of the MTN group, is a leading telecom operator that has an extensive footprint across Africa and the Middle East. With 31 million subscribers and 8000 direct retailers, MTN South Africa boasts the largest market share in the telecom sector and is considered to be one of the most technically advanced OpCo in the entire group.

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