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Customer satisfaction survey is a tool widely used by companies across the globe to understand how the product, service, and the entire experience provided by them either falls short, meets, or surpasses customer expectations. 

 At Seamless Distribution Systems we prioritize the feedback of our customers above all else. We use these responses constantly to make improvements in our products, operations, and processes. SDS believes in staying relevant and helping customers achieve their long term growth objectives, hence, we continuously strive hard to maintain solid quality standards for them. 

Great emphasis is placed on this survey by all our teams as it helps us in identifying which customers are unhappy with our current offerings and which can be potential advocates of our work.  Our cross-functional teams work in close collaboration to gather customer feedback at each stage to make sure that we not only meet but exceed expectations. Additionally, it helps us to assess the usefulness of our product portfolio and understand whether or not we are delivering promised business value to them.

 To measure the satisfaction level of our customers on different metrics, we conduct Customer Satisfaction Survey biannually. For the year 2021, the results are in and we’re very excited to share them here!

The survey had questions ranging from scoring SDS on promised value delivered, responsiveness, quality of support services to the prospect of collaborations in future. 

The overall satisfaction score is a culmination of all the factors that form a satisfied customer and is calculated by averaging out the scores for individual questions. For the year 2021, we scored a 8.1! 

gif showing the overall number

You have acknowledged us as a strategic partner and appreciate our:

  • Products reliability
  • Team’s skills, competency and interaction while handling their accounts
  • Customer centricity
  • Focus on building and sustaining a good customer relationship

We thank our customers for trusting us over the years and giving us their valuable feedback! SDS continues to expand its service offerings, create efficient processes and improve time to market to ensure that our customers are constantly  benefiting from the promised business value.

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