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Technology has touched almost every aspect of a business and its touch has drastically improved the landscape of most industries. Whether it is a consumer-centric business or a business catering to other businesses, the difference between traditional and digital distribution operations can be visualized and positively measured by all.

Complimented by cloud servicing, digital distribution platforms are taking the operations of businesses to new levels. These are no less than positive disruptions, transforming the physical means of distribution into more effective, agile and scalable point of sales.

With the right digital distribution model and a well-suited electronic platform, businesses can take advantage of unparalleled availability of operations spread to distant areas, scalable to multiple places while retaining centralized control over information and transactions.

SDS has been the catalyst of transforming physical ways of distribution for service providers around the globe. With DDaaS (Digital Distribution as a Service), SDS aims to be the distribution force for service providers of different industry verticals as well as for distributors, who can create their network of resellers on-the-go. This enables business enhancement for service providers on one hand and new streams of revenues for SMEs.

To feel the taste of true digitalization of distribution, power up with SDS’ DDaaS distribution model. Let’s go over some quick details on what is DDaaS and how it can help a business change the way things operate.

What is Digital Distribution as a Service (DDaaS)?

Digital Distribution as a Service (DDaaS) is a modern, low-entry-cost and highly efficient cloud based service. It enables fast roll-out and real time sales of digital vouchers for products or services through the means of a mobile application.

What kind of products DDaaS supports?

With DDaaS create your own voucher products, be it a gift voucher or a game voucher. Some of these domains are:

  • Media & Gaming: Subscription, streaming, media, entertainment and gaming vouchers
  • Retail & Utility: Retail and prepaid electricity, water, gas, landline and other prepaid vouchers
  • Gift & eCommerce: eCommerce, promotion and other gift vouchers
  • Mobile & Telecom: Prepaid airtime and internet vouchers
  • Financial & ePayments: Voucher products of stored value accounts like of mobile wallet, virtual credit cards and others
  • Flexible & Custom: Flexible vouchers for custom products with real time denomination mapping


How is DDaaS set-up?

DDaaS provides a front-end web administration portal to service providers and distributors, which is linked to SDS’ proprietary value distribution platform to create and administer resellers, associate a value account with each reseller and allow them to distribute vouchers.

This “plug and play” service requires zero cost of infrastructure and provides unlimited coverage for sales of any service or product whose value can be mapped to digital electronic PINs.


Here are the three steps to success:

  1. Create

Create a network of resellers with zero setup cost and add gift, prepaid or flexible voucher products to distribute them seamlessly

  1. Manage

Classify agents in hierarchy, products in groups, measure progress through reports and manage all modules through central web portal

  1. Grow

Scale up the distribution network by adding new products and agents virtually to expand the reach of your business to new avenues with DDaaS


Is there a mobile application in there, somewhere?

Yes, the digital distribution actually takes over a highly user-friendly mobile application, through which resellers recharge their account and sell vouchers of different products and earn commissions on each voucher sale.

 Why should a business opt for DDaaS?

  • One focal portal: With virtually no dependencies, distribution network can be set and managed across all points through a single web portal
  • Dynamic products: Effectively adds and manages various types and flavors of voucher products and set them up for real-time distribution
  • Truly digital: DDaaS truly turns the distribution chain digital; generates voucher through the app, delivers to end-users via SMS and redeems in real time
  • All time availability of vouchers: Electronic vouchers available at any given time or place, leave no room for rigidity or unavailability, ensuring business continuity and zero loss of revenue
  • Robust Agent Management: Cloud based backend portal allows robust agent management. Agents get linked to distribution chain, as soon as they download the app and register with their number.
  • Performance monitoring: Track performance through interactive and intelligent reports and customized notifications available over web admin portal

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