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Supply and distribution processes are channels through which a telecom operator enables its customers to consume its services. Click To Tweet

These channels provide a means for the product to travel from the producer to the distributors to the stores where, finally, the resellers sell them to the end-user (subscribers of a telecom operator). Until recently, telecom operators offered a limited range of products which they sold through equally limited channels. However, ever since the evolution of technology, the telecom industry has come a long way in terms of product management. On one side the markets have saturated resulting in declined sales for the operators and on the other hand, the customer (subscriber) expectations have risen demanding comprehensive solutions and a seamless customer experience.

To deliver around these two parameters while simultaneously making an effort to restore their market share and revenues, the telecom operators have changed their sales and distribution models. The aim of a distribution plan for a telecom operator is to provide innovative and cost-cutting approaches that achieve the maximum reach. For the operators to boost their margins and satisfy the new, more demanding subscriber, they must develop an approach that adheres to the addition of various channels to their sales adding flexibility to the channel mix.

Take the example of the traditional scratch cards through which the telecom operators primarily used to charge for the services that they provide to the subscriber. The operator used to push these cards at the physical stores where the resellers were given incentives to sell out the products. The downfall of virtually every telecom operator began when the market became saturated and the new subscriber rate began to decline. In response, the telecom operators looked for ways to provide more sophisticated and digital products to the subscribers, in accordance with the subscribers’ need along the lines: Anytime, anywhere. The telecom operators took the initiative and introduced electronic topup (eTopup) and recharge through digital vouchers (eVouchers).

However, diversifying the channels did not come without pitfalls. As much as it motivated resellers to come into the business, it also meant an increase in the supply chain. Where on one side an increase in the number of resellers selling the product is good for the operator’s revenues, on the flip side it means difficulty for the operator to manage distributor and reseller hierarchies, transactions, and subscribers.

Seamless Distribution Systems enables the telecom operators to keep a record of its resellers, subscribers, transactions and bills through its Proprietary Transaction Switch platform branded as ERS 360°.

It is an all-in-one platform with unparalleled capability and integration process. It supports multiple channels of distributions which include:

  • Web Portal
  • Web Services
  • Mobile Application
  • USSD
  • SMS
  • POS
  • ATM
  • IVR
  • Cash Register

It is modular with highly customizable layers, API friendly interface. It is cost effective and market responsive. The platform connects seamlessly with charging system (prepaid/OCS), mobile money system (MoMo) and payment gateways to table integrations for service enablement over multiple channels. With the Seamless EVD ecosystem, the telecom operator gets all benefits under one umbrella.


Platform Architecture


ERS 360° platforms allows telecom operators to manage their different product lines. It allows them to add, remove or bulk import products along with product rules that can be defined through the Seamless Web Admin. Along the product management parameters, the platform allows the operator to:

  • Set and manage product lines and criteria rules for them from central web admin
  • Manage incentives, commissions and bonuses with respect to each product

Set product limits and transactional limits for resellers which defines the volume and value of transactions a reseller can carry out in a specified period of time.

Reseller management

Allows the creation and management of the entire reseller chain of the telecom operator. Allows hierarchy, accounts & incentive management with related features for all reseller levels

Transaction management

Enables the transparency of all the transactions carried out by the distributors, sub-distributors and resellers. No hidden commissions or incentives are realized in the distribution chain.

Distributors and chain management

Enables to set up a complete chain of distributors, sub-distributors, and resellers. Resellers can be grouped by their chain parent, and by their distributor

Subscriber management

Allows to keep a holistic view of all its customers (subscribers) individually with details of the transactions that they carry out.

Reporting management

Allows the generation of interactive and intelligent reports for customer care, Marketing, Sales, and Support etc. to keep transactions, users and sales in check and monitor data

User management

Enables the telecom operator to define user roles and manage access of other users to the VM

All-in-All, Seamless ERS 360° is a platform that provides services along three key domains: Digital Distribution, Marketing & Business Solutions, and Financial Services enabling the telecom operator to add region functionalities and customized business rules for all its customers.

With these product offerings and extended features Seamless Distribution Systems offers added values for its customers in the telecom world. These advantages include:

  1. Added revenues
  2. Improved market penetration
  3. Enhanced control over distribution
  4. Cost-efficiency
  5. World class support

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