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With over 7.6 billion mobile connections internationally, representing 4.7 billion unique mobile subscribers around the globe (using mobile applications); the need of a fast, reliable and convenient topup of these mobile accounts is needed more than ever.


Source: GSMA

These numbers aside, mobile phones have become the go-to means of connectivity for people around the globe and the average time spent on mobile phone has skyrocketed over a couple of years with significant increase in engagement with mobile applications.



Source: Appboy


Within this context, mobile operators and service providers are on toes to provide their end-subscribers with innovative new ways of mobile recharge that are not only easily available but are cost-effective and readily scalable. And in this day and age, where mobile applications are taking the world by storm, mobile operators have adopted smartphone applications as an answer to their need of fast, convenient and cost-effective value distribution.


This is because mobile applications are convenient to download and use and provides a gateway for carrying out multiple functionalities from an all-in-one interface. The surging user acceptance and increased engagement around mobile applications is one of the core reasons why not only individuals but businesses and service providers are heavily adopting this channel as a means of their supply and distribution.

Source: Appboy


Before we delve deeper into how mobile applications are changing the landscape of electronic distribution for businesses and the benefits associated with it, particularly for mobile operators; we quickly look over how mobile recharge has moved away from physical distribution over time and why.


The evolution of mobile recharge has seen gradual decline of physical scratch cards that are costly to produce and distribute. Scratch cards around the globe are being replaced by digital methods of prepaid recharge, better known as electronic recharge (eRecharge).

Mobile operators enable the digitalization of distribution through their network of resellers and have found electronic distribution over smartphone applications to be significantly cost-effective and scalable when compared to physical scratch cards. This is because, in this day and age, nothing beats the mobility and scalability of mobile applications. This is one of the most important factors behind the increased adoption of mobile recharge through mobile applications.



A testament of how mobile applications are dominating the time spent on mobile


Mobile applications are not only changing the way how users interact with their phone but are also changing the way businesses manage their supply and distribution. Particularly important is how service providers and mobile operators are empowering their retail and distribution networks; simply with an app on phone. An increased focus is being given on shifting the distribution of value away from traditional means (like we discussed in case of scratch cards) and towards digital ways in general and mobile ways in particular. This helps businesses to take advantage of the cost efficiency in distribution on one hand as well as allowing for swift and significant market penetration and scalability of operations.

Lastly, the success of smartphone mobile phone application is strengthened by the significantly high levels of smartphone penetration together with the ease of accessibility. Currently there are 3.2 billion smartphone users around the globe and this number is expected to grow to 5.8 billion by 2020. These increasingly high smartphone penetration levels translate into increased user acceptance for mobile applications and symbolizes the change that marks the admittance of mobile applications into new arenas and mobile recharge is, but one of them.


Reseller mobile application by SDS for eTopup and related operations


What it means for mobile operators?

  Highly mobile, scalable and cost effective means of enabling mobile recharge for end subscribers.


What it means for resellers of a mobile operator?

  An all-in-one app that carries out quick and easy mobile recharge for subscribers and is highly user friendly.


What it means for subscribers of a mobile operator?

    A reliable means of electronic recharge available, at any place, any time.

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